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The 6 Worst Places To Buy A Home

If you are looking to move, you are probably looking at the places that you want to live instead of the places that you don’t want to move. But, it is always good to make sure that you avoid certain places when looking for jobs or looking for a new life. In this article, we’re going to explore six of the worst places to buy a home.

Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio is a pretty rough place to live. The unemployment rate is incredibly high, house and property taxes are midrange, and there are some problems with the weather and with crime. That being said, there are certain parts around Cleveland that are very desirable to live, just make sure that you do research into the area(s) before moving there.

Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis does not deal with the high unemployment rate that Cleveland has, but they have more problems with crime and government corruption than most cities. They have some of the highest crime rates in the country, and many local officials get sent to jail on a regular basis. Other areas of Tennessee are very pleasant to live (Franklin, Nashville), so if you’re looking at Tennessee as an option, check them out first.

Detroit, Michigan
This is probably no surprise to anyone reading this. In early 2013, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy because the once-bustling city has died down to about 700,000 residents. There are literally hundreds of homes sitting around the city that are unoccupied, and many of them are on the market for under $10,000. Detroit continues to fall more and more into the pits and some speculate that it would take an economic miracle to dig the dying city out.

Miami, Florida
Many people move to Florida in order to enjoy their retirement, but Miami is not the place to buy a home. Sure, no state income tax is nice, and the weather is great, but steer clear of this city. Crime rates are incredibly high and the commute times are absolutely unbearable (ranked in the 10% worst in the country, near those in Washington DC and New York City). Foreclosures in Miami are also incredibly high due to the higher unemployment rates.

Buffalo, New York
Buffalo, New York was a very strong industrial town during the 20th century, but as industrialization moved to the post-industrial age, the city started to go into decline. Buffalo’s population has decreased more than 50% during the last 50 years due to a lack of jobs in the area. Not to mention the weather during the winter isn’t very pleasant either.

Chicago, Illinois
The Windy City, home to President Obama, totally bombed when it tried to make its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, even when President Obama did a last-minute plea for the location. Like Miami, commutes in Chicago are pretty bad. Also, Chicago is home to some of the highest tax rates in the country. Crime is relatively tame compared to other cities, but overall, Chi-town is not a great place to buy a home.

Firms within the U.S.-of-A., as with Dunhill Homes, are benefitted by D-to-the-H's blog posts. As per his GP homepage, he has been the assistant administrator within a online promotion company. Daniel lives in SoCal where he's furthering his corporate degree to more suitably look after his better half as well as their 3 tykes.

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5 Tips For When Buyers Are Viewing Your Home

In a stuttering housing market it can be a while before you find someone that is willing to take your property off your hands, and every day that goes by that your house still has a for sale sign in front of it is one more day you have to wait before you can move into your new home. This shows just how important it is to take advantage of any situation in which someone is going to be viewing your property.
The better the impression you make the quicker you can get a sale and move on to the next stage in your life. Exciting times are ahead for you and so here are 5 ways to make sure they arrive sooner rather than later.

Beauty Is Not Just On The Inside –
Before the potential buyers turn up at your home it’s a good idea to take a little look at what they will see as they enter your property. A messy front garden is an immediate put off and so if it could do with a tidy up then now’s the time to do it. I would even go as far as walking down the street a bit to see if there is any excess litter or anything that would give off a bad impression of the neighbourhood. The better the mood they are in when they arrive the more favourably they will view your property.

Create Pleasant Aromas –
It’s not just what your home looks like that is going to be judged by any potential buyer; they will also be noticing anything that they smell as they move around your house too. And whilst there are certain smells which will immediately turn people’s noses up, such as smoke and mould, there are also a few that will delight their nostrils. Surveys have concluded that the smell of freshly baked bread is most favourable to people looking to buy a new home, but you could create a similar effect with bacon or scented candles.

Complete Your Chores –
If you know that the people are coming well in advance then you will have time to prepare for their arrival. Make sure all the little jobs that you sometimes don’t get round to doing are done so that the place doesn’t look untidy in any way. This includes making sure there is no dirty washing up in the sink or laundry on the bedroom floors. These things obviously won’t be there if the people were to actually buy the home but anything you can do to improve the way it looks at the time will enhance their opinion.

Fix Minor Repairs –
Something which will definitely put potential buyers off is if they are walking round and clocking up all the things that will have to be done should they move in. If they are thinking ‘I’ll have to fix that door handle’ or ‘I’ll need to replace that banister’ then this will all count against them opting for your property. Anything that you can fix yourself should be dealt with and any bigger jobs will definitely warrant the money it costs to call someone out to fix them.

Leave Them To It –
Although it’s hard to feel comfortable with strangers scrutinising the house in which you live and leafing through every nook and cranny they can find; hovering over them like a fly looking for somewhere to land is only going to put them on edge. This might force them to be rushed or worse still it might make them think that you have something to hide. Let the estate agent show them around if they are there and if not give the people viewing the property a brief outline of the house and then allow them time to explore on their own. You can still be on hand to answer any questions they might have but this is best done from a distance.

Featured images:
Chris Mayhew has shown potential buyers around his home in the past and found these tips to be really helpful. He would recommend Intransit Removals to anyone looking for trusted and reliable removals in Bath.

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Real estate lawyer: What role does a legal eagle play in home-buying?

Your home is one of the big-ticket purchases that you’ve made apart from investing on your education or buying a car. Hence, it is another major investment as well and so, a slight oversight on your part may land you in a tight spot both legally as well as financially.

It is here, at this juncture, a real estate lawyer can help you to buy a property on your own terms without having to worry about any kind of rude surprises.

Why the presence of a real estate lawyer is necessary

Purchase agreement - A real estate lawyer will help you to make a formal offer and prepare an amicable contract that is appealing to both the buyer (i.e., you) as well as the seller. 

Such a legal eagle can put down all the terms that you want in the contract to safeguard your interests. Moreover, a lawyer can prepare a draft contract to resolve any issues that may crop up in the property condition disclosure statement shared by the seller. 

The purchase contract will earmark the responsibilities of yours and that of your seller’s. There are different kinds of deeds like quitclaim deed, warranty deed and so on, about whom you can get a proper explanations from your lawyer. 

Mediations - A real estate attorney can act as a mediator in between you and the property seller, but he’ll do so keeping your best interest in mind. He’ll mediate the purchase terms on the agreement on behalf of you with the real estate agent and the seller.

In addition, your lawyer can injunct in case you miss out on some crucial purchase terms or factors that are often overlooked by many home buyers. This a lawyer may do even if the terms could save him time and money. You should bear this fact in mind that your purchase agreement will only consider real property and hence, it fails to cover personal property, things that you always wanted to add in the agreement. 

This includes the dishwasher, dryers and all the other items that are there in the home. So, you can include these items in your formal offer as well. Your lawyer can provide you with sound home buying advices and alert you of pitfalls or merits of the purchase terms when a particular seller proposes.

Home inspections - At this point in the home buying process, a home inspector will study the property to find out only structural, electrical, plumbing or any other issues that are there in it.

However, a real estate attorney will analyze the report with you to make sure that there are no major structural defects that are plaguing the property.

In case of presence of substantial defects in the property, then the lawyer will be able to negotiate with the seller to have that resolved, or if required, then terminate the contract altogether.

Apart from the above, a real estate lawyer can help you in title search, title insurance, attorney approval process and the likes to streamline the complex process of home buying.

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Top 3 Most Expensive Homes In The World

At some point in our lives, we all day dream about what it would be like to be a millionaire or a billionaire.  We think about the parties and the clothes, and the jewelry, but most of all, we think about the homes we could buy with all the money.  So you call up a home builder like Dunhill Homes and have them build you a mansion… can you imagine how much fun it would be to decorate and furnish a home with all those rooms?  Think about all the garden ideas you could have.  To think that some people in this world get to actually live that life!

Here is a list of three of the most expensive homes in the entire world.  It is not always easy to make these determinations, because people wealthy enough to buy homes like these like to keep their purchases private, so they hide their ownership through LLC’s or other businesses.  That being said, I am pretty sure that those that live in the top 3 most expensive homes in the world have been found out.

#3: The Penthouse at One Hyde Park
The Penthouse covers 17,000 square feet and looks over London’s largest park.  While this particular residence went for $200 million (140 million Pounds), the rest of the “lower” flats are fairly expensive as well.  The buildings in the posh area of Hyde Park come with their own private gyms, a his and hers study, squash courts, and wine tasting rooms.  Added to the luxury are the tremendous safety features.  They are protected by the British SAS, which is their Special Forces, and bulletproof glass in the windows.  They have iris scanners and panic rooms for each residence as well.

#2: Villa Leopolda, France
King Leopold of Belgium, desired to have a home built in 1906, which launched this breath-taker; however it was recently was sold to Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets for $500 million.  Located along the French Riviera, the backyard is still large and sprawling.  So much so, that it takes 50 full-time gardeners to keep it up.  The home itself has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.  If swimming in the French Riviera or walking through the lush gardens in the backyard does not sound appealing, maybe a blockbuster hit will be showing in the movie theater built inside.

#1: Antilia, Mumbai, India
Billionaire investor, Mukesh Ambani bout this home for $1 billion!  This is by far the highest ever paid for a home, and many people believe it will top the list for quite some time.  The residence is more like a skyscraper because it reaches up at 570 feet tall.  It is 27 stories high, but since each room is twice as tall as a regular room, it is actually about 40 stories high.  The total space is 400,000 square feet and houses a full-time staff of 600 people.  There is an indoor and outdoor bar, a spa, a yoga studio, and a 50 person movie theater.  Every floor has lush gardens for the supposedly quiet man that actually owns this home.  It is one of the tallest buildings of Mumbai.

Enterprises from the U.S.-of-A. are profited by Mr. H-man's articles. As per his Google+ set up, he is the full time manager within a search engine marketing business. H-man resides in The West Coast where he's growing his business background to better look after his better half not to mention their three children.

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Four House Buying Tips Most People Don't Know About

According to the US Census Bureau about 1 in 6 Americans move each year.  Everybody has his or her own reasons for wanting to move.  Some may decide that they need to move closer to their jobs, and others want to find a new home because they need something bigger for their growing family. Moving can be a difficult decision to make, but it won’t be nearly as difficult as searching for your new home.  You already know that you need to find a home that fits your budget and other obvious home buying tips, but there are some things you can do during the moving process that can save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

Get It Surveyed
You never know when planting a few shrubs can cause a border dispute, and before you move you need to know exactly how far your property extends. It’s essential for you to get a survey done on your property. If you do you’ll have a better idea of what you’re buying, and you won’t accidently upset your new neighbors. A property survey could also help you get a better idea of how much your property tax will cost. Your tax amount is partly based on how much property you have, and having an accurate map of your property can be beneficial in case there are any problems.

Don’t Assume Bigger Is Better
Some people buy their houses based on how much they think they’ll be able to sell it for in case they decide to move. Some people intentionally choose large homes since they think that they’ll be able to sell it for a lot of money when they move, but that strategy is sure to end in a lot less money than people had hoped for. A gorgeous $250,000 house appeals to a very small amount of people who are trying to buy homes. If you buy an expensive home that’s considerably more expensive than other surrounding homes, you’re going to have a very difficult time selling it.

Don’t Use Emotions to Decide
Buying a house based on emotions isn’t going to end well. There’s a big difference between your emotions and your instincts. Going with your instincts means that you can clearly see that you’re getting a good home for great value. Going with your emotions would mean that you’re picking a house because you love the patio or the color of the kitchen.

Use a Home Inspector 
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for pricey Lake Norman real estate or apartments in New York City, if you’re buying any sort of property you need to get it properly inspected. Hiring a home inspector to check out your potential new home may cost a little money, but a $200 inspection could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future. Buying a home with a lot of problems is every home owner’s nightmare, and if you get it checked out for problems by a professional you can ensure that there won’t be any nasty surprises after a few years pass.

Featured images:
Cheryl is a real estate agent who knows how to find the right home for any prospective buyer.

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Top 5 Real Estate Markets In 2013

For Sale

The economic crisis has ended by the official estimations, but the country is still reeling from its after-effects. Unemployment is high, wages are low, but the place where all they mayhem was birthed has shown great signs of recovery - that place being the housing market, where money was funneled into the bubble until it burst and took the world economy tumbling down with it. Now, home prices have begun rising again and 'SOLD' tags are being placard onto For Sale signs across the nation. Indeed, from coast to coast things are turning for the better, but it happens to be in these following five real estate markets that those SOLD tags are getting the most stick.

Reno, Nevada

Possibly hit the hardest by the housing collapse, Nevada - and Reno in particular - is experiencing a similarly potent comeback. Last year, home prices rose an impressive 31.9% in Reno compared to 2011. Likewise, prices are expected to a rise again this year according to Money Journal. In the neighborhoods in the North Valley, Reno homes are enjoying a lot of of buyer interest and we can expect further increases in home sales in those areas.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada receives two spots in the top 5 for itself and it is well earned. The median sales prices for homes in Las Vegas increased by an also impressive 32.3%. That is to say, that a buyer who purchased a home for $120,000 in 2011 could have earned nearly $160,000 the next year in selling that same home, for a profit of $40,000 in only one year. The margins may have been even more astounding in the neighborhood of Summerlin where home prices range from $259,141 to $483,139.

Kansas City, Kansas

In a less rambunctious sort of city than the previous, Kansas City showed an increase of 21.3% in the average price per square foot of its homes. Here, Money Journal is projecting a less impressive, but still worthwhile increase of 8.1% in the median home sales price.

Dallas, Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas, but homes in the Lone Star State are notoriously cheap. For the cost conscious, Dallas - where the median home price is $73,000 - is an ideal city to invest in a home. Yet even with the low prices, growth is significant: Dallas enjoyed an increase of 15% last year. This isn't to say. however, that there aren't high-priced homes to buy into. In the popular neighborhoods of Preston Hollow and Oak Lawn, homes are selling from $624,179 to $995,247. The market is expected to grow again this year.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Perhaps the most impressive growth appeared in the city of Indianapolis, where the median home sales price soared an amazing 48.6%. A flip of a home in the attractive neighborhoods Devington and Pine Ridge Estates could yield a gigantic return. Money Journal estimates the real estate market in Indianapolis to again bring generous growth.


It is tremendously assuring to witness the prodigious return of the real estate market that had suffered so dearly, particularly in these five cities that have thrived in such a way. For people looking to buy in Reno or Dallas or Indianapolis, now might indeed be the best time to turn SALE to SOLD.
Featured images:
About the guest blogger: Chris is a writer for Hewlett Real Estate, a Long Island based realty company.

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Condominiums: The Ups and Downs of Pre-Selling

Condominiums are considered as one of the most viable residential options today. We see them sprouting just like mushrooms literally everywhere.  As such, more and more people are being lured into taking a sneak peek into model units and websites that are filled with promises of safe, resort-like sanctuaries that can be both beautiful and functional, and not just your ordinary weekend getaway haven. 

Most real estate companies market their product via pre-selling methods. For you to understand this method better; here are some of the things that you should know before you make the decision. Below are some points that shed details to the world of real-estate pre-selling.

The Advantages

Cheaper Prices

Of course, you've nothing to buy - just yet.  What is offered are images on paper or screen, and a piece of land that has yet to undergo groundbreaking.  You're literally buying air.  When you choose to buy a condominium unit at its pre-selling state, the prices are extremely low compared to buying a unit that is ready for occupancy.  This is because when the promise is tangible and people can see what they're putting their money on, their calculations are validated by it.  Whereas with pre-selling, what you initially pay for is the promise of the image that has just been vividly described in their marketing collaterals.

Investment Option

For the investment savvy individual, he sees a real estate parcel as a piece of investment that he may be able to use in the future.  Once construction is done and the unit is already physical, they could resort to renting it out, timesharing or even re-selling it with of course a higher market value.  This would prove to be a good option for those who know the ins and outs of investing in real estate properties.  It will be profitable for them as they are aware of the good locations, good qualities of land and better options for marketability.

The Downsides

Volatile Market

The market is very volatile and prices can increase and decrease at any minute every single day.  If you indeed settled for a condominium unit at a pre-selling state and the markets are dwindling, there might come a point where your advisor will call you and explain about surplus charges that weren't even part of the initial contract.  And this has to be settled and understood as well to cover the aspect of market volatility.


You might be lured into thinking that you're buying a unit located in a prime spot.  You're given a promise of a lakefront view and a daily dose of sunshine - until another developer blocks your magnificent view and replaces it with uniform windows and facades as another skyscraper is about to rise on the opposite side.  For condominiums set in bare lands, those promises shall remain as such.  The developer's limits are within his land jurisdiction, and whatever springs around the enclosure is not their call.  So if you're looking into pre-selling, better spot a condominium that is perfectly situated in a place where there is little chance of change with regard to issues such as this one.


Since you are about to purchase a piece of property that promises a lot of resort splendor, you may think that you can do just about anything you fancy.  However, when everything is done, you might be faced with limitations regarding noise and pollution control.  You'll experience the do's and don'ts.  No loud partying.  No pets.  No use of the gym beyond this time.  And so forth.  You may not see them coming at the early stages but these might come about anytime once you move in.

Author Bio:

This is post is written by Marlin Codie of Calgarypropertypros.ca which shows houses for sale in calgary. Marlin likes to write posts regarding real estate and home improvement ideas.

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The Top 5 Places To Buy A Home

Some people think it is too risky still to go out and buy a home, but not everyone agrees.  There are some places that were either not hit too hard by the housing bubble, or were hit very hard, and now offer very inexpensive prices for some nice and spacious homes.  The economic picture is not the only one to consider when buying a home.  The schools, and surrounding area is important, as is the climate for some people.  Below is a list of the top 5 places to live based on these and other factors.

#5: Philadelphia, PA
Philly was one of the few cities on the east coast that did not boom like so many of the others did.  Because it didn’t boom, it didn’t bust as badly, either, making the home prices relatively stable compared to so many other places along that coast.  There is also a lot of history in Philadelphia, making it an interesting and intriguing place to live.  With a relatively big city nearby, and the 4-season climate of Pennsylvania, many people may find a home here to be better than just good.

#4: Atlanta, GA
Georgia has beautiful, warm weather most of the year, a sweet southern style, and continues to grow, as businesses are still moving into the city.  During the housing crisis, homes in Atlanta decreased by up to 22%, bringing the cost of a new home way down.  The homes are a really good buy right now, so the climate and the current cost of the home makes Atlanta a perfect #4 for our list.

#3: Austin, TX
Austin, Texas is another area where there is plenty of sunshine.  The people are bold and strong, and the energy market down there is one of the driving forces for the state.  No state tax is another really good reason to move to Texas.  In Austin, there are colleges, and college towns are always a sure bet for buyers.  The homes are inexpensive but nice and spacious, and there are some exceptional home builders in the area like Dunhill Homes.  College towns have a fun, unique feel to them that brings the community together, and offers a unique set of culture that other places do not.  Austin is another place that was not hit too hard by the housing crisis, so the buy is good, and stable.

#2: Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, Arizona has a plethora of sunshine, but the heat there is dry, making it bearable, and actually pretty comfortable.  The desert scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and the sunsets are amazing.  Phoenix was one of the hardest hit places by the housing bubble.  In July of 2010, 1 out of every 257 homes received a foreclosure letter.  This means that the home prices are incredibly low, and a terrific buy.

#1: Oklahoma City, OK
What??  Really??  I know what you are thinking, but bear with me a second.  Oklahoma City is the new best-kept secret.  It has a very strong job market, the price of homes are very low, but they are rising, so they are a good investment for those that decide to get in now.  The climate is warm, but not too warm.  The people there are very friendly and warm.  It is quickly becoming the new place to be.

Small businesses inside the U.S. are benefitted by D.H.'s blog posts. As visible on his G Plus user profile, he is the associate manager within a website marketing corporation. D. Holdeman resides in L.A. where he is growing his corporate knowledge to better provide for his lady together with their 3 children.

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Evaluating real estate properties before buying

Looking for a house or any other kind of real estate property is not an easy thing to do. One-day planning is not enough because there are many considerations and preparations needed. Finding a house that fits your wants and needs at the same time can give you a hard time.

Ayala Land is one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines. They have constructed different establishments in the country ranging from residential to commercial. Their goal is not just to build infrastructures, but to nourish communities that will flourish in the future.

You can use www.atayala.com/Compare-philippines-homes.php, a cool web application that will help you in scrutinizing different real estate properties by Ayala.

1. Open the link and make your selection by choosing among the listed projects. You just need to click the “Add to compare >” button of your chosen project and it will appear in one of the compare boxes below.

2. If you want to choose among the other projects, you have an option to sort the properties according to project type, price range or location.

3. The "Compare Now" button will appear beside the four boxes once you have selected at least 2 properties to compare. If you want to change your selection, click on the "Reset" button.

Considering the price and value of the property is not just the thing you need to look upon. Before purchasing the house you dreamt of, there are different factors you need to understand:

Location check
This is one of the important criteria you should consider first. From broad to specific - examine the city, to the community, up to the condition of the lot you’re planning to buy. You have to check if the lot is located on a flood-prone area and if it’s near or on the fault line. Inspecting about these factors will decrease the possibility of placing you and your family’s life at risk during calamities. Take note that Philippines is prone to sudden earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy storms.

Ayala Land offers different projects located not just in Metro Manila, but also in other parts of the country. You can check

Know the security measures of the real estate property you’re going to buy. Do they have CCTV cameras, 24/7 security personnel, or safety alarms? If it’s a gated community such as subdivision or villas, you may talk to the security personnel about their safety measures.

Amenities and Utilities
Ask what amenities you can use and what utilities available if you buy a lot at a certain subdivision, condominium, or other type of real estate property. Most subdivisions have landscaped areas and clubhouse with pool area. Utilities such as water and sewer connections, cable and telephone lines, etc. should also be checked.

It will be easier for you get the things you needed in times of emergencies if the place you will live in is accessible to different establishments such as hospitals, schools, malls, groceries, church, etc. If your work is located in Makati, you can buy or rent a condominium. Living in this kind of property will be convenient and comfortable for people on-the-go, plus it will cut the trouble of daily commute.

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Guideline for Mover Estimation

Small household stuff may not create more issue during transportation but large office or home shipment is completed by multiple rounds depend upon items. I found many fraud companies in Seattle, here I cannot indicate their names. I recommended the company which prepares a written estimate on every shipment transported for you. Pmc Moving llc is moving companies Seattle, we are ready to give all question’s answer before shipment starts. Get a copy of moving estimates when your mover prepares it. The estimate should include charges, accessorial, including transportation, and advance charges. Here remember that "rate quote" is not an estimate. Both parties should signs on the estimate. Mover must provide you with a dated estimate copy of charge at the time you signing.

Seattle movers offer physical survey, you can waive it but it must be in the form of a signed agreement by you before your shipment is started. Movers which actually located within 50 miles radios from your location must survey your physical goods before give you estimate.

Verify from where you are getting estimate from broker or movers. Because original moving company may cancel broker estimates. Try to collect original estimates from direct moving company in case of mover executive assure you orally about broker’s estimation.

Written agreement and estimation guarantees the whole cost of the movement depend upon the services and quantities shown on your mover's estimate.

Check the available mode of payment offered by movers. Estimate may have reflection in case item changes which both parties agreed on before shipment. Broker just needs their commission as a third party member but work is conducted by company. Valid payment gateway will help in future trouble. Some valid Payment forms are cash, certified check, money order, cashier's check, a specific credit card such as Visa ™, a specific charge card such as American Express ™, and your mover's own credit. You should have legal proof if movers state that they will not perform shipment because you haven’t made advance payment as company rules. You should be prepared at the time of delivery if you need extra service form service provider such as packing of material, weight of vehicle and toll taxes if any occurred.

For movers Seattle WA get it touch with PMCmovingllc.com, we offer free estimates for all your relocation needs.

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Top 10 Real Estate Websites

Real estate is an important and often costly purchase. Abundant research is carried out by home buyers before they venture out to obtain real estate. Today, collecting information about properties is normally done online, and an effectual and appealing website design can break or make a home sale. Here is a look at some commonalities in real estate websites as well as the top 10 websites in this sector.

Trends in Real Estate Websites

Traditional and sophisticated themes vs. contemporary and modern themes
Property realtors desire to communicate the message that they are well-established and reliable. They want the home buyers to believe that they are buying assets from a company that is dependable, time-tested and steadfast. That is why most of them choose traditional and sophisticated themes for their websites instead of sleek and modern themes.

Image-heavy designs
Most home buyers desire to see what they are potentially purchasing without having to take time to take a trip to an asset. Real estate websites usually contain lots of pictures for this very purpose.

Photo galleries

Again, picture galleries let visitors see what assets look like without them having to make a trip to the real asset location. That is why you will often find photo galleries that feature assets that realtors have available at present.

Property locator feature
Most real estate websites offer a property locator feature for the buyers to find assets for sale in neighborhood they are interested in. Property locator features are normally a Web form that has different input fields like property features, zip code and price range to help you focus your search to the precise property types you are looking for.

Here Are the Top 10 Real Estate Websites

1. Ranchline
This is a good real estate website example that embodies the trends explained above: sophisticated and clean design, image heavy as well as graphic-centric, with an asset search feature conveniently located on the left-hand column.

2. Cantera Real Estate
This real estate website has a clean, appealing traditional design and it presents visitors with a housing locator in the top half of its home page.

3. Belvedere Inc.
This website uses green leaf elements and a dark-brown textured page background. These features are employed to induce a feeling of nature as well as environmental friendliness.

4. Naples Real Estate
This real estate website features an asset for sale on its home page to show up a real estate piece that they are currently promoting.

5. Hillwood Residential
Hillwood Residential website utilizes family pictures in frames to emit a feeling of traditionalism as well as family values.

6. Ellicott Mack Realty Group
This real estate website captures the attention of the viewer by saying, "That warm house that's 'home''. Right under this saying, it shows a family having breakfast.

7. Under the Roman Sun
This websites fascinates viewers with its large, good-looking pictures of Rome. These images are in the top half of the site's home page.

8. The Real Estate Concierge
This real estate website has a theme that is dark so as to generate a sense of sophistication as well as affluence.

9. Monica Ruggieri Real Estate
The design of Monica Ruggieri real estate website is a good example of using classic as well as sophisticated themes on real estate websites.

10. Riverside View
This website uses a light-blue palette which induces a feeling of modernity paired with sophistication.

Andrew is a property guru and is always on the hunt for great property deals and developments. During the day he works for a company providing superb house and land packages in the Perth region.

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Things To Look For When Buying A Home In Mooresville, North Carolina

Moving your family to a new location can be an exciting venture no matter what is the motivation behind the move, especially if your search for a new home has brought you to Mooresville, North Carolina. There are many factors that need to be considered when choosing a town to live in beyond the actual house-hunting process. You want to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the town. Are there attractions and events? Is shopping easily accessible? How far is it from the nearest city for entertainment and travel purposes? What are the schools like? When your kids get older, are there colleges nearby they can choose from? So many things to consider, it can be a bit overwhelming. To make the research a bit easier, here are some of the top things you may be wondering about when considering making Mooresville your forever home.

Life in the Suburbs
Mooresville is located in the Piedmont plateau region, about 30 miles north of Charlotte—the largest city in the state—according to the Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber of Commerce.  The convenient location outside the city but still near to three interstates (I-77, I-40, and I-85; I-77 is the only one that actually runs through the town), Mooresville is perfect for those who want the suburban lifestyle while still having the option of working in or occasionally visiting the city. A quick shoot down I-77 from the center of town could have you into center-city Charlotte in just over a half-hour, traffic conditions permitting.

Quality Schools for Your Children
Of course, when you have a family a key factor in your decision making process about moving should be the schools and the school district you will be moving into. It should please you to learn that the Mooresville Graded School District jumped to second in the state during the 2011-12 school year for their scored on the state EOG/EOC standardized tests, according to the district website. Also, the district prides itself on being high-tech for the benefit of its students. All students starting in kindergarten will be exposed to laptops in the classroom. Those in kindergarten through third grade receive their laptops in the classroom, while those in fourth grade through twelfth grade will be given a laptop that they will have 24-7.

The schools in the district include:
-          Park View Elementary (K – 3)
-          Ricky River Elementary (K – 3)
-          South Elementary (K – 3)
-          East Mooresville Intermediate School (4 – 6)
-          Mooresville Intermediate School (4 – 6)
-          Mooresville Middle School (7 – 8)
-          Mooresville High School (9 – 12)
-          NF Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center (9 – 12)

Beyond graded school, there are several colleges and institutes for continuing education in the Mooresville area, they include:
-          Mitchell Community College
-          UTI / NASCAR Technical Institute
-          Mountain State University
-          PIT Performance Instruction & Training
-          Gardner Webb University

This is in addition to the more than 20 colleges and universities that are located in the Charlotte metropolitan area, just a short distance away.

Looking for homes for sale in Mooresville, NC is so much more than the bricks and mortar of a house itself. It is the essence of the community, the life you are going to build there. Is Mooresville the town you see you and your family in for years to come?
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James Cash is a real estate agent and part time writer.

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House Hunting In The United States

Finding the ideal rental property can be quite an ordeal for tenants and landlords alike. There are many different factors to consider and potential problems to look out for during your search. In terms of location, look for up and coming neighborhoods with low crime rates. Safety is an especially important factor for families. Nearby schools, shopping malls, public transit, and other convenient amenities also increase the appeal of an area. Investors should check out an area’s average default, vacancy, and rental rates. The best areas are those where housing prices are low, but are projected to increase in the near future. Once you get to the rental property itself, take some time to determine the property’s condition. Water damage, mold, and pests are a turnoff to potential tenants and costly to repair. Also consider the property’s available parking and handicap accessibility. If not enough parking spaces are available or are too narrow, this can be a major point of frustration for tenants. Handicap accessibility is also important to note as disabled tenants will require accommodations.

Brian Davis is the Vice President of EZLandlordForms, a site that provides landlords and tenants with important documents like residential leases.

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What makes Arabian Ranches the most popular villa community for investment in Dubai?

In states and cities, including Dubai, where land price is high because of limited space, apartment lifestyle is quite popular. However, this does not mean that living in a private premise of lush vicinity is a dream far fetched. Since Dubai, which welcomes a wide array of vacationers from various regions of the world is a travellers’ paradise where anyone who has deep pockets can expect exclusive treatment in terms of accommodation and entertainment. Arabian Ranches is one such community in Dubai where rich and elite expats and travellers are housed cosily, which means that the occupancy rate here is quite high.

If you wish to invest in Dubai’s realty market and have a decent amount of capital for this purpose, villas in Arabian Ranches could be a great option. Let’s have a look at few reasons why Arabian Ranches makes a sound community for property investment.

High Demand

Bayut.com, which is a popular UAE real estate portal, records market trends for property in Dubai. This data helps the portal make concrete real estate reports about the prevailing market conditions and demand of different sorts of property in the UAE. According to the portal’s data, the search volume for apartments for rent in Arabian Ranches has increased 30.70% in H1 2013. High demand for any property elevates its value. Among different villas for sale in Dubai, those in Arabian Ranches experienced high demand and promise further growth.

Sound Capital Appreciation

As per data maintained by Bayut.com, the average value of Arabian Ranches’ villas has increased 9.33% in H1 2013. Such an impressive rise in sale price of these villas has offered fortunes to the owners and investors. The spike in sale price of 4+ bedroom villas here is the highest i.e. 15%. For the 2 and 3 bedroom villas, the rental price hike in H1 2013 remained 6.4% and 6.6% respectively. The capital appreciation of Arabian Ranches villas in last one year i.e. between June 2012 and June 2013 has been 20.25%. These digits are convincing enough to attract more investors.

Return on investment

With high occupancy rate, impressive capital appreciation and matchless amenities, the rents in Arabian Ranches were destined to climb. The data for H1 2013 shows that the average rental price of villas in Arabian Ranches has increased about 12%. With appreciating monthly income and capital gain, investing in Arabian Ranches villas is a worthwhile move for many investors to make. Since these villas experience a continuous and high demand, letting them out on short-stay also offers great profit prospects. Above all, there is no villa community in Dubai that offers the sort of ambiance and luxury that is synonymous to lifestyle in Arabian Ranches.

Based on the facts and figures, it can be expected that the Q3 and Q4 will bring further hikes in sale price and rental price of villas in Arabian Ranches since, in Dubai, the last 2 quarters of the year are marked with increased tourist activities and these tourists find furnished villas for short-stay a much preferred residential option. 

Author’s Bio:
This post has been written by Zayeed Mohummed who is a seasoned analyst of Dubai property business and real estate market.

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Purchasing A Home In New York

One of the biggest investments someone can make in their lives is the purchase of a home. Mostly everyone looks forward to the day that they can adorn their home with their own personal flair, design and comfort. Being able to come back to a place you can call your own is a prideful feeling, and one that many people strive for. However, before you can decorate the mantle with family photos, there are many steps you must take to get the house that encases it. Location is a key factor in the cost and desire of owning a home.  One of the most expensive (and sought after) states to live in is New York. It offers scenic beauty, getaway locations, a thriving city full of business opportunities, and an ocean-adorned coast. The best of every world is at your disposal.

Before jumping into the waters and moving into the state of New York, there are many considerations that one must take in. Seeing as the state itself is costly, you must ask yourself if you can afford to live there. The upkeep of a home will be more expensive if the place in which you live is higher on the price scale. A simple window replacement in New York could be much more costly for your home. All of these little expenses add up, and should be considered when thinking of your move. So first thing’s first…can you afford to buy? Level with yourself, and adequately explore your finances. Once you’ve done that, you can move forward with your future plans.

Seek Help
One of the great financial benefits of purchasing a home in New York is the assistance that is offered. The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers homeowners in New York ample way of maintaining financial stability on their home. There are many helpful programs available to assist in the steps of purchasing a home in the great state of New York. From counseling agencies, to home buying resources, to assistance programs and helpful tips, you’re guaranteed to find a solution to all of the worries you may encounter.

Get Familiar
Surveying the area in which you are considering moving into is a great way to become familiar with the market. Study the neighborhood and explore recent home sales, other occurring open houses, and local newspaper. Getting familiar with the area in which you may live is a great way of becoming familiar with its economic value. All of these factors play a huge roll in how much your home will ultimately cost you. Not only will you gain financial knowledge, but it’s a fun and informative way to get to know your new neighborhood!

Keep in mind that in the state of New York, you must retain a lawyer to handle a portion of your home purchase process. This may seem like an extra burden to take on, but the end result is very helpful. The lawyer will make sure that all mortgage documents are in order, closing costs are properly discussed, and escrows and lenders fees are handled as discussed in the contract. Search for local real estate lawyers in the area you’re looking to live, or find some references from friends, family, or bar associations.

Real Estate Agent
Alongside a lawyer, many people opt to have a real estate agent aide them in the process of buying a home. Many times in this process people can become stressed and make unintended mistakes while handling paperwork or important decisions. Having a real estate agent allows for someone else to worry about the paperwork, home inspections, or mortgage broker selections. Real estate agents narrow down your search, and wisely use your time by only showing you searches that meet your criteria. Never allow yourself to rely on the listing agent for help. These agents represent sellers, and won’t make your needs a priority as much as their seller’s needs.

Purchasing a home is fun, exciting, complicated, and scary. When you opt to choose a home that’s in a costly state such as New York, you want to make sure your finances and decisions are all in order so that stress can be kept to a minimum. Being honest with yourself, getting acquainted with the economics of your new neighborhood, and calling upon the right professionals will all make the home buying process a much smoother ride. The beauty and rewards to living in New York will greatly outweigh the obstacles you may face while house hunting. Welcome home!
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Ashely lives in New York, always has and always will. She is a recent college graduate that likes to write about home improvements and real estate. Want to see more, check out her Twitter @ashelymarie1985. 

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