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What makes Arabian Ranches the most popular villa community for investment in Dubai?

In states and cities, including Dubai, where land price is high because of limited space, apartment lifestyle is quite popular. However, this does not mean that living in a private premise of lush vicinity is a dream far fetched. Since Dubai, which welcomes a wide array of vacationers from various regions of the world is a travellers’ paradise where anyone who has deep pockets can expect exclusive treatment in terms of accommodation and entertainment. Arabian Ranches is one such community in Dubai where rich and elite expats and travellers are housed cosily, which means that the occupancy rate here is quite high.

If you wish to invest in Dubai’s realty market and have a decent amount of capital for this purpose, villas in Arabian Ranches could be a great option. Let’s have a look at few reasons why Arabian Ranches makes a sound community for property investment.

High Demand

Bayut.com, which is a popular UAE real estate portal, records market trends for property in Dubai. This data helps the portal make concrete real estate reports about the prevailing market conditions and demand of different sorts of property in the UAE. According to the portal’s data, the search volume for apartments for rent in Arabian Ranches has increased 30.70% in H1 2013. High demand for any property elevates its value. Among different villas for sale in Dubai, those in Arabian Ranches experienced high demand and promise further growth.

Sound Capital Appreciation

As per data maintained by Bayut.com, the average value of Arabian Ranches’ villas has increased 9.33% in H1 2013. Such an impressive rise in sale price of these villas has offered fortunes to the owners and investors. The spike in sale price of 4+ bedroom villas here is the highest i.e. 15%. For the 2 and 3 bedroom villas, the rental price hike in H1 2013 remained 6.4% and 6.6% respectively. The capital appreciation of Arabian Ranches villas in last one year i.e. between June 2012 and June 2013 has been 20.25%. These digits are convincing enough to attract more investors.

Return on investment

With high occupancy rate, impressive capital appreciation and matchless amenities, the rents in Arabian Ranches were destined to climb. The data for H1 2013 shows that the average rental price of villas in Arabian Ranches has increased about 12%. With appreciating monthly income and capital gain, investing in Arabian Ranches villas is a worthwhile move for many investors to make. Since these villas experience a continuous and high demand, letting them out on short-stay also offers great profit prospects. Above all, there is no villa community in Dubai that offers the sort of ambiance and luxury that is synonymous to lifestyle in Arabian Ranches.

Based on the facts and figures, it can be expected that the Q3 and Q4 will bring further hikes in sale price and rental price of villas in Arabian Ranches since, in Dubai, the last 2 quarters of the year are marked with increased tourist activities and these tourists find furnished villas for short-stay a much preferred residential option. 

Author’s Bio:
This post has been written by Zayeed Mohummed who is a seasoned analyst of Dubai property business and real estate market.

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